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How to download salary slip/certificate latest monthly pay slip

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Salary Slip or Pay Slips with the treasury ID are not downloading on the Treasury website now. Here is the best and simple method to download our Salary Certificate manually. We can produce this Pay Slip as a salary certificate with our DDO signature on that. Here is step by step procedure to download our monthly Salary Certificate as pdf in mobile. There is no need for any excel application or computer to get this Pay Slip pdf. We can download it on mobile with little inputs.

How to download salary slip/certificate

How to download salary slip/certificate latest monthly pay slip

Step 1:
First, we need to go to the website https://www.ebadi.in which is providing useful information about employees.
There is a link provided there to get our salary slip.
We need to go to that page.
There will some instructions also to get our Pay Certificate
Pay Slip Salary Certificate download
Step 2:
On the next page, we need to enter our Name, Employ ID, Working office details.
In Pay Particulars Section we need to select our basic pay and DA HRA details and finally deductions also.

After pressing generate salary certificate we get our desired payslip for the desired month. we can download that Salary slip as pdf also. we can take the printout in A4 paper also without making any adjustments.

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  1. Salary certificate lo ehs premium enhance cheyandi sir

  2. Treasury లో submit చేసిన bill download ఎలా